Corporate Solutions

Efficient data networking is the solution for corporate with distributed offices. Disha Informatics has over Five years of experience in implementing state of the art connectivity solutions with significant advantage in integrating Voice Data and Video signals.

LAN / WAN Solution

Business LAN / WANs connect remote sites to central sites, making branch offices an integral part of your enterprise’s work community. They also link telecommuters and mobile professionals to co-workers and the company’s digital resources.

WANs provide the infrastructure for sophisticated e-business applications, and facilitate data exchange with partners and suppliers via secure extranets. WANs also enable online commerce and other Internet benefits.

WAN solutions are part of our comprehensive e-Networks strategy, which provides total availability and secure access to voice, video, and data e-business applications, regardless of their physical location.

Security / Firewall Solutions

Disha Informatics selects and delivers security solutions which are purpose-built Internet security appliances that combine firewall, virtual private networking (VPN), and traffic management functions. We can suggest firewalls which are Plug and Play security appliance. Ideal for securing high-speed “always on” broadband and lease environments.

We offer complete design, supply, installation, maintenance and consultancy services for Voice, Data and Video networking and inter-networking projects. Our expertise lies in offering tailor made and customer specific solution after considering all aspects of existing infrastructure, future expandability, the operating system and applications to be run across the new infrastructure. All this is done with a very strong focus on customers actual need to ensure right technology vis-à-vis value for the money. This is irrespective of whether it is a large camps solution or a geographically dispersed location, as in the case of corporate having their manufacturing unit and various offices spread over thousands of kilometers.