Disha provides an environment that is uncluttered with hierarchy and acknowledges each individual's uniqueness by rewarding achievement and entrepreneurship.

The architecture, campus, processes and practices in Disha is a true reflection of our commitment to the values of transparency, trust and respect.

Green Building

As part of design process of building our campus, we have taken care & implemented various energy conservation practices such as

  • CFL light fittings for low power consumption.
  • Maximum utilization of natural light.
  • State of art BMS for real time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Use of recycled material where ever possible e.g. particle board furniture for work stations & storages.
  • Use of environment friendly gas (Inergen) for fire suppression system in data centre.

Green Initiatives

  • Running of ACs only during office Hrs from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Switching off ACs for 30 min during lunch Hrs.
  • Common Temperature Settings 240C for all halls also depending on time zone & ambient temperature.
  • Switching off all spot lights.
  • Switching OFF Water coolers, tea m/c after office hours and during weekends.

The engineers from electricity board have also appreciated the effort taken towards power conservation by Disha and they have confirmed that there is less power demand received from Disha.